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 Abbey projects - explosion

Michael O’Connor designed and fitted this beautiful stained glass window in St.James’s Church, James’s Street, Dublin, in the year 1859.

St. James’s Church is virtually on the grounds of the famous Guinness Brewery where recently there was a major accidental explosion in one of the brewing vats. Damage in the surrounding district was estimated in the millions of pounds.

The magnificent East Window over the altar in St.James’s Church was reduced to tattered shreds of stained glass when it was sucked out of its frame by the blast, landing on the grounds of the brewery.

The problem of its repair - it is was at all possible - became the responsibility of the Church & General Insurance Company. They in turn invited The Abbey Stained Glass Studios to investigate the possibility of its restoration and repair. The Abbey Stained Glass Studios, with our fifty years of experience in the design and restoration of high quality stained glass, undertook the task and negotiated a contract though the Church & General Insurance Co.

Abbey projects - explosion - east window of st james church

We were recently invited by the prestigious Stained Glass Quarterly of the Stained Glass Association of America, who are celebrating their 90th Anniversary, to write an article for then on this restoration project. You will note that the editors have used their license to “Americanise” many of the technical terms and spellings throughout the article.

The article explains in full detail the processes of restoration which were required; out artists and craftsmen take great pride in once again carrying out successfully the almost impossible task presented to us.

Ken Ryan,
The Abbey Stained Glass Studios,

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